The Muslim Women's Collective

The Muslim Women’s Collective exists to support and empower the women, families and community of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, and in time other neighbouring local authorities.

About Us

About The Muslim Women's Collective

The Muslim Women’s Collective was established in 2007 with the support of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. In April 2010 the Collective became a registered non-profit Company Limited by Guarantee. This means that any income that we receive over money spent is ploughed back into our work to allow us to expand on the range of services and activities we and our member organisations can offer.

We are also what is called an ‘umbrella’ or second-tier non- profit organisation.  We have a number of member organisations and also individual members through whom we deliver ‘front-line’ services – those are the people that the women and families in Tower Hamlets see and work with on a daily basis. Many of our members have community centres, for example Newlon Fusion operates the John Scurr Community Centre, and Jagonari has both its own centre and runs Wapping Women’s Centre. We also have members who are individuals who are very active in the local Tower Hamlets community.

Since 2007 a lot of our work has focussed on building a better environment for people who live and work in Tower Hamlets. We work with all people, Muslim and non-Muslim; women, men and families.

For the past four years since 2010 we have carried out the independent waste surveys for the borough and this, and our work on promoting recycling amongst estate residents and the Bangladeshi community led to us winning the London Borough of Tower Hamlets Third Sector Awards 2014 in the recognition of our work in the category of Improving the Environment.

But we do not just work to support the environment. In 2012 we were one of only three organisations in Tower Hamlets to be awarded Home Office money to tackle domestic violence in the borough. We are also currently funded to promote gardening as a healthy lifestyle activity and one which particularly supports women with mental health needs.

In 2013 we were awarded money from the Canary Wharf Group plc to produce a film about our garden project, which included composting and film making master classes, which were free to anyone to join in.

In the future we plan to do more to support women and families affected by domestic violence, mental ill-health, feelings of isolation and of course will  continue to promote recycling, better waste and water management and a better environment for all, now and for the future.

How can I get involved?

If you are a female; Muslim and non-Muslim resident of or work in Tower Hamlets, interested in training or volunteering with one of our member organisations or if you represent a third sector, charity, voluntary or community group in Tower Hamlets and want to know more about becoming a member of the Muslim Women’s Collective and the benefits this brings;

The Muslim Women's Collective

The Collective works together on common goals. It acts as a forum to discuss the environmental, health, crime and anti-social behaviour issues of concern in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

“Those who spend in charity will be richly rewarded.”

[Quran 75:10]

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Supporting and empowering the women’s voice in Tower Hamlets…

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