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Women 100

About WOMEN 100

WOMEN100 is a community for women in East
London from all faiths/no faiths, all ages and
background to come together to develop themselves as leaders and increase women’s participation in the community and political decision-making process.
Women100 started off as a joint initiative between
Near Neighbours, St Georges in the East church, East
London Mosque, Muslimat London, Queen Mary
University of London, Elatt organisation and Tower
Hamlets Citizens to creates a platform for women
to speak about the issues they are facing, work on
common issues and towards gender equality. Through
its activities it also aims to highlight the issues and
challenges women face today in the society and
to equip women with new skills, create leadership
development opportunities and to increase women’s
participation in public life in their local community

Our vision

Every woman engages in their local community;
leading & negotiating for change.

Our Mission

Our Stories

What I learnt was power isn’t your position but
working together collectively bringing people
together to take action around our common concerns
and overcome social injustice that we face. Building
relationship is so important, I’ve also learnt that you
can’t impose your ideas and your vision on people.
But you have to work together in order to bring
about change. The training taught me the impact
and how to negotiate something I was not good at.
But I am pretty confident after the training that I can
negotiate as I was taught the art and the skills of
being effective in negotiating.

Razna Al-faradhi

Community Activist

I am not a Muslim. I am a Christian. I am a British
Citizen who believes that people have the right to
live out their beliefs if it brings no harm to others.
The niqab is widely worn in Tower Hamlets and
brings neither threat nor division. A mother has the
right to access her child’s school without shame or
being treated as a second class citizen. I believe the
rules around the niqab were against human rights
and therefore I was proud to stand alongside fellow
mothers and support their campaign in the school.

Sabia Kamali

CEO Sisters Forum

I was in the midst of exploring my capabilities as
being ME after becoming a mother to 5 children and
a housewife for 23 years.. Being part of community
organizing was a steppingstone to self-satisfaction
and accomplishment on a dynamical scale.
Women100 for me is all about creating a space for
ordinary women to act in public life, demanding a
place in the decision-making process.

Sarah Warburton

E1 Community Church

Since I completed community organising training,
I have been actively engaged in the community
started building relationship with community
leaders and institutions. whereby involved in hate
crime Action, delivering workshops on hate crime
to institutions. Taking our concern to the mayoral
assembly. It has developed my confidence in public
speaking as well as how to work with others to build
power, I have also been to a retreat with Women
from different faith which gave me an insight into
other community faith and helped me strengthening
my relationship with other women in the community

Yesmin Begum

Welfare Advisor at a local Advice Centre

I have just completed Women 100 training with a
group of 30 women from 8 organizations – we met
at the East London Mosque for weeks 1 and 2 and
St George’s East for weeks 3 and 4. We learnt about
power, 121, cycles of action, how to build a team
and negotiations. This course specifically focused
on women’s leadership within their community and
their organizations. I found this training helpful and
it has made me think of new ways to be a leader.

Ayesha Khanom

East London Mosque

There are few things that have left me feeling as
empowered as I did after attending Women100
training. Being in a room full of powerful women
who want to see and make positive change in their
communities is inspiring to say the least. Now,
more than ever, we need to develop women in
our communities as leaders, to fight injustice and

Catherine O’Shea

ESOL Teacher - ELATT

I have been a community activist for many years
now but joining women 100 has enabled me work
and build my confidence in public speaking as well
as the importance of the structural system in project
management and organising events.

Beatrice Elizabeth Easdale-Cheele

Student, Queen Mary Unicersity of London.

Our future

We want to train 300 women in East London by
2021, from there 30% will be coming from school
and colleges

Our journey

Our journey started in January 2019, with a small
fund from near neighbor and Citizens UK. Since then
we successfully trained 92 women from East London
mainly from Tower Hamlets.

Our Aim

For information please contact: Afsana Salik at the TELCO | 136 Cavell Street | Whitechapel | London | E1 2JA
Email: [email protected] | Telephone: 07398 613829


Supporting and empowering the women’s voice in Tower Hamlets…

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